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Do you need advice in clearing head lice?

Without exception "ALL" successful treatments require the use of a lice comb. This is one of the two main reasons home treatments of any type may not be successful.  (Pharmacy bought or home remedies) 

In our Expert and Experienced opinion, the second reason is that there is very little awareness or understanding of the life cycle of the louse. Understanding the life cycle will arm you with the knowledge required to complete a combing schedule that will clear or keep you clear from Head Lice.


·       The first stage of the cycle is when the Egg is not visible for a number of days, so no matter how forensic you are with combing you HAVE TO repeat the process at least once over a 7-10 day period. If you can't see it, you cannot extract it. Despite what some products and gimmick devices say, NONE are 100% effective! Ultimately such products use the small print to put the onus on you to complete the "100% successful" clear.

·       The above point also applies to any service who offers to clear in "One Treatment", it just cant be done!! The success of such services are dependent on you removing the eggs and possible lice who were only at the first stage of the life cycle, which defeats the purpose of your visit in the first place.

·       Once clear, if you follow a weekly routine screening schedule, keeping in mind the life cycle, you will have the confidence to deal with head lice WHEN and it is always a "WHEN" you find them. Example being, if you know you are clear and the following week you find a louse, egg or lice whilst completing your routine screening, an understanding of the life cycle will enable you to establish a combing routine which will clear the infestation without the need for OTC (over the counter) treatments.

Top Tips​

·       Preparation is everything to complete a weekly screening, we suggest the following "weapons"

o   Detangling brush, (you cannot check properly if hair is not prepared)

o   Parting (or normal) comb​

o   Good light.

o   Magnifying glass

o   Clips or bobbins for sectioning 

·       This screening should take no more than 15-20 min

·        In the event of finding lice or eggs during a screening we would direct you to the advice of our sister company. You will need to complete wet combing routine.

·       When treating your children ( spouse / partner) you know them best, so it's always handy to keep in mind, entertainment, distractions and snacks. The stress associated with Head Lice affects the whole family as it takes time to deal with and regularly underestimated.

·       Google will lead you to all sorts of advice, some of which may be valid but remember, NO product currently available will do the job for you, at some stage a comb is required. The only successful route to treatment regardless of who or how it is done, is 100% extraction of the lice and eggs. So knowing this,  choose your remedies carefully to avoid lengthy and stressful processes. It has to come out so why do you care if its dead or alive? Comb and extraction is KEY and KING!!

If you feel you have tried your best but are not happy with the results follow this link to book in now.

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