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Why our process actually works?

We are proud to explain in detail our process, in fact we are proud to tell you that our process is really the same we recommend you try at home! 

Our trained and experienced Experts, focus on the Lifecycle of the louse and with 100% accuracy extract every louse and egg.

We have a 3 stage Forensic process that is repeated for a second time 7-10 days apart. Our company founders have travelled the world examining treatment options, and from this research we have developed our own process which we offer as a guaranteed service to you

. ​

We are fully insured and certified to offer you these services on and off site. Our process is carried out using a selection of premium quality, registered medical devices, we also follow a strict clinical / medical protocol in relation to the sterilisation and cleaning of our equipment.

AS we have pointed out, the key to ANY treatments success is focusing on the life cycle of the louse and full extraction. Previously, products used harmful pesticides and such were banned by the World Health Organisation. As a result the effectiveness of the chemicals and pesticides used now is limited, and the claims by products and services are based on a combination of their offering and most importantly extraction by combing, the problem is this detail is not highlighted.

The stigma surrounding Head Lice plays a big part in the lack of information and poor education on Head Lice in general. Lice are present at every social and economic level and sensational examples are of course available, however, the most import facts are;

  • Lice are spread through their ability to walk very fast, so they can walk from head to head during contact, they can walk or fall off temporarily onto clothing and as they are genetically programmed to look for new heads constantly they will do their best while off heads to find new ones. "How did we get them?" is the number one question and we could suggest so many ways, but that's just not the point, at this stage its how to get clear and stay clear. But one fact we always stress is they DO NOT jump, fly or hop!

  • Routine combing is the only proven method to clear lice or prevent lice. No product or gimmick will do it.

  • Preventive products Don't work. If they did lice would not be a problem, there MAY evidence of some success but we have yet to see actual scientific fact to support claims of "prevention" . Screening and detection is the only way to prevent infestation. This includes natural oils and commercial products, our advice in relation to these is, if you use them and there is no side effects and you feel they are working do so. 

  • Boys and men do get head lice, for a number of reasons post puberty males are less likely but younger boys do carry and spread Head Lice.

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