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Have you tried multiple times at home but no success? 

The Support You Need

Everyday we receive calls from the public who are experiencing the same problem;

"I been trying for (weeks, months and some even longer) to clear the kids of head lice. I have tried everything!! All the products, every gimmick, and more!"

Some examples;

Every brand the pharmacy has to offer, Heat , Mayonnaise, Oils (various), Cola, mouthwash, Vodka Toothpaste......and the list goes on!

Leaving aside the effectiveness, the problem with the remedies above (which in all cases is definitely not 100%) is at some stage you will have to carry out a forensic comb to remove the lice and eggs whether they are dead or alive, so why bother in the first place! You can't leave any behind. Its either 100% success or 100% fail, and even if you believe that your chosen method is 100% effective, do you want dead lice and eggs in you or your child's hair / scalp?

Common reasons clients have ended up requiring Expert help;

  • No understanding of the lifecycle of head lice and how to comb out and infestation.

  • Did not follow the instructions of the product they use correctly, all products require combing. Whats most unfair is some refer to it as "combing the dead ones", combing is combing and has to be forensic, this is just another way of putting the onus for the success of the treatment on you.

  • Underestimating the time required to complete the process properly, or starting late in the evening after everyone is too tired to either have it done or do it and therefore its not done properly = fail.

  • Not checking everyone in the house. 

  • Not understanding the reason for the follow up treatment, the life cycle. 

  • Poor choice of comb, we recommend a metal comb with long tines and a sealed handle. Such as our comb in The Nit Kit. ( Plastic combs in our experience distort and allow eggs through the tines. Including the small very tight ones, which are not suitable for all hair types.

  • Probably the most common issue is the blind faith and hope placed in the chosen remedy to do the work with the minimal of combing required. In short it's hard work!!

  • If all the so called preventative products and remedies worked you would not be reading this now! As parents ourselves we have learnt the hard and expensive way that extraction and elimination is factually the only way, if you have not got the time or the ability, that's what we are here for.

  • Shame on the unscrupulous companies and brands that push their "preventative" and miracle products on us all. Again, if these worked there would not be head lice at epidemic levels.

  • Education to how and why Head lice exist, is the key.

Top Tips​

  • Preparation is everything, to complete a weekly screening we suggest the following "weapons"

    • Detangling brush, you cannot check properly if hair is not prepared)

    • Parting (or normal) comb​

    • Good light.

    • Magnifying glass

    • Clips or bobbins for sectioning 

  • This screening should take no more than 15-20 min

  •  In the event of finding lice or eggs during a screening we would direct you to the advice of                                our sister company.  You will need to complete a wet combing routine.

  • When treating your children ( spouse / partner) you know them best so it's always handy to keep in mind, -entertainment, distractions and snacks. The stress associated with Head Lice affects the whole family as it takes time to deal with and regularly underestimated.

  • Google will lead you to all sorts of advice, some of which may be valid but remember, NO product currently available will do the job for you, at some stage a comb is required. The only successful route to treatment regardless of who or how it is done, is 100% extraction of the lice and eggs. So knowing this,  choose your remedies carefully to avoid lengthy and stressful processes. It has to come out so why do you care if its dead or alive? Comb and extraction is KEY and KING!!

Call us for expansion on the above or free advice if your struggling.

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